Terms + Conditions



Responsibilities of a Designer When Ordering To-The-Trade Furniture and products

Selection and Ordering

  • Provide exact dimensions and/or design drawing for custom furniture orders, or approve drawing by company prior to production. Ensure scale and fit for application.
  • Provide a written P.O. (purchase order) with complete specifications when ordering furniture or product, or sign a sales order provided with complete specifications.
  • Select finish and provide all COM/COL (customer's own material/customer's own leather) to initiate production of furniture in timely manner.
  • Review all information on supplier's Acknowledgement for furniture and product orders and make any necessary changes to Acknowledgment in writing immediately upon receipt.
  • Any change in an order after 10 working days may result in a change order fee.
  • Approve all finish sample and textile cuttings requested for approval.
  • Inform the ultimate client of accurate lead times and status of orders as production proceeds.
  • Assume all responsibility for selection, client interaction, and showroom communication.

Pricing, Payment, and Terms

  • Purchase at Designer Net Price, noting applicable up charges for detail, if any.
  • Deposit 50% to initiate order and pay the balance due including all tax and shipping prior to delivery. Any product that is in-stock requires 100% payment up front plus applicable freight charges. If using a tax resale number to order tax exempt, designer assumes responsibility to collect tax from ultimate client or user and remit to state and must provide copy of resale certificate to showroom.
  • Read back of showroom or supplier P.O. or acknowledgement form to note any other terms of sale and warranties of supplier as to quality, etc.

Receipt of Product

  • Cordrey Collection highly recommends using a qualified receiving warehouse to receive, inspect, consolidate deliveries, and facilitate in-home installation. Cordrey Collection will recommend a receiver for client if needed. All crated goods must go through a professional receiver such as a receiving warehouse.Receiving warehouse acts as agent for the client and is responsible to note any damage and assist the owner with filing a freight claim when damage is found. A qualified receiving person should be present to accept products when delivered directly to a home.
  • Signature on the bill of lading (BOL) upon receipt of product confirms that the products are received in good condition unless exception is made on BOL. If merchandise is refused for quality or damage, receiver should contact showroom of purchase immediately. 
  • If the driver must "drop and dash", the receiver should note on the BOL that any concealed damage of boxed or crated product will be the responsibility of the carrier or the manufacturer as determined upon inspection of the product. Full inspection must occur within 48 hours of delivery and all freight claims filed within 72 hours.

Inspection of Product

  • Inspect the carton(s) carefully. If there is any visible damage to the packaging, note it on the bill of lading (BOL). Take photos of any damage to the packaging; this is necessary to resolve damage claims.
  • Inspect tape seal. If it is not intact or is covered over, you should assume the packaging has been tampered with. Note this on the BOL.
  • Unpack the carton(s)/crate(s). Inspect all merchandise carefully. Cartons should always be unpacked in your presence. NEVER discard original packaging until satisfied with the delivery.
  • If you are unable to inspect at the time of receiving, note on the BOL that any concealed damage of boxed or crated product will be the responsibility of the carrier or the manufacturer as determined upon inspection of the product. Cordrey Collection must be notified within 48 hours of any concealed damage that is found. Keep a copy of the BOL. Save the packaging materials and take pictures of the damage.

Product Quality, In-Transit Damage, and Install

  • Per ICC regulations, ownership of the product transfers to the customer (owner) upon the freight carrier taking possession of the order for transport. Therefore, responsibility for damage in-transit is the owner's and all claims for freight damage must be made within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Products are inspected by the manufacturer prior to release to ensure that the order is in good condition, complete, and ready for shipment.
  • The carrier is responsible for a complete inspection of product at the point of origin. Any damage must be noted on the BOL. The signed BOL is confirmation by the carrier that they have accepted responsibility for delivering the product in the condition in which it was received. Inspection of the boxed or crated product is limited to the exterior of the package. Exception must be noted and the package opened at once if condition of the carton/crate appears compromised.
  • If there is any visible damage to your items upon inspection, note it on the BOL. Keep your copy of the BOL and do not discard the packaging material. Take both close up and overall pictures of the packaging and damaged item. These are to resolve damage claims.
  • All claims should be reported to the showroom manager at Cordrey Collection.
  • Do not attempt a return without first having obtained written Cordrey Collection authorization. Cordrey Collection will not accept returns without prior written authorization. 
  • Determine that delivery of product into a specific space is physically possible i.e. that there is sufficient size in the elevator, halls, doors, etc. to allow successful delivery of pieces into the apartment or house, or arrange hoisting or other methods Pieces may be made in size or parts to fit tight entrances if ordered with such specifications. Showroom or suppliers so not measure on location.
  • Install the product in location.