Cordrey Collection

established in 1987

Our philosophy has always been to find and create a cohesive marriage between architecture and interiors while respecting location, sense of place and natural views.

Our multi-disciplinary interior design firm is based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 1987, the firm provides complete interior design, furniture design, and procurement for residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. Since its inception, the firm has garnered acclaim for its signature approach to creating interiors as natural backdrops for the people occupying the space.

Steven Cordrey designs on multiple scales ranging from urban and commercial commissions to high-end private residences. Within the firm’s experience and ethic, residential design has always been the heartbeat of the practice. An unequivocal depth of knowledge has been cultivated through projects with individual clients, hotels, luxury apartments and condominiums. Altogether, the firm’s significant residential design experience has enabled a study of living well that is engaged in every detail.

The firm’s success is based on its ability to execute thoughtful solutions tailored to the clients’ vision from both a creative and financial perspective.

Steven Cordrey